Stefanie Brendler is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, visual artist, and storyteller who has contributed horns, accordion, keyboards, and vocals to assorted Seattle bands since 2004.  Stefanie’s musical palate spans a spectrum from orchestral French horn to punk rock, bombastic brass street bands to intimate chamber folk.

Currently, Stefanie plays with the bands Brivele and Shpilkis!, and solo under the moniker Stef on a Clear Day.

Despite the constant toil under capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and nationalism, Stefanie Brendler’s art reflects the joys of life as a queer Jew, musician, and crafter.

Past bands in which Stefanie has been a member include:
Tin Tree Factory, Bucharest Drinking Team, The m9, Yellow Hat Band, Seattle Rock Orchestra, Infernal Noise Brigade, Movitas Marching Band, Your Heart Breaks.

Explore these pages for Stefanie’s different projects and to contact her for booking.Photo by Sam Smith

Photo by Sam Smith